About us


The United Kingdom, as one of the four Europeans largest economies, is also one of the five United Nations Security Councils. The United Kingdom focuses much on education and research. For the past ten years, the British government has constantly increased its investment in education. So far, half of the British universities are listed as the top universities around the world. The universities include Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, LSE, University of St Andrews, and etc. The United Kingdom has the most advanced research bases for technology and high value-added industry. Every one out of ten people earning an international award is from the United Kingdom. So far, the UK has more than 90 Nobel Prize winners. The United Kingdom is at a leading position in education around the world.

The headquarter of IPMC is located in London, British. In the beginning, IPMC specializes in the area such as psychology research, psychology system development and psychology education. In the meanwhile, IPMC is working with multiple S&P 500 companies and renowned universities for strategic cooperation and human resource development. IPMC brings people Applied Psychology and Business Management, and some other degree courses. Those courses include Applied Psychology, Basic Psychology, Development, and Education Psychology, Personality Psychology, Business Psychology, Social Psychology, Sport Psychology, Philosophy, Psychotherapy, Psychological Counseling and Treatment, and etc. Furthermore, after successfully finishing the courses from IPMC, students have opportunities to waive some of the courses in many universities in Europe, so that they no longer need to take the same courses in their Masters or Doctors programs.

In order to support the spirit of learning, IPMC offers tuition subsidy and financial aid to the students who are very excellent or who need financial support. After finishing the designate courses and attaining the degrees, students can apply for financial aid from IPMC committee.

So far, more than a hundred thousand people have been tutored by IPMC. In the business world, as well as the field of psychology, human beings are the most important resource and asset. All management systems cannot fall into a shortage of human capital. Thus, IPMC focuses on developing the master and doctor programs relating to applied psychology; and it introduces many programs from foreign universities to China. IPMC keeps working with many outstanding organizations to investigate and develop a more practical pattern for business-psychology education.